flythemesFirst of all, thank you so much for ending up with my blog about online casinos. The purpose of this blog is to guide you on the right path when you start playing your online casino. You’ve probably come across the current plethora of online casinos and wondered where I’m going to play, what game should I play, where are the best bonuses and the like? No worries, help is now near. In this blog I will introduce various online casinos, their features and especially their bonuses. I will introduce a variety of online casino games, most of all I will focus on slot machines, they are mainly to my heart, although I also have experience with other online casino games. In online casinos, I will also pay attention to reliability, licensing, and other important things that a novice player will never pay attention to, even if they are vital. I will tell you about the different game return percentages and similar things that will help you choose the best game for you. I will also tell you about jackpots and other top wins. You’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m giving advice. I have been involved in online casino operations for almost ten years and four years in the service of an online casino. For the last three years I have played almost professionally and developed good ones

ways to use bonuses, choose games and casino. I have also come across the pain that a new online casino player experiences when he makes the wrong choices and as a result he loses his hard earned money. I want to help new online casino players avoid this pain. When a player gets enough information about online casinos and their games then he is able to make an informed choice based on the facts and not just the ads displayed in the browser. So read all the information on the blog and share your choice, do not rush but be sure of your choice. If you are unsure after reading then ask questions directly to me. Useless shyness away, I am always ready to help. Cheers and a coin of coins!