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The progressive jackpots are the real ‘dream-makers.’ These 5 Winning Stories will brighten your dreams tonight:

Vegas Big Hit

The cab driver Robert Baker said nothing is more satisfying than winning $3.2 Million in downtown Las Vegas. He showed the extensive ceremonial check to Fremont Street tourists.

The Elvira Mistress of Dark slot at Golden Nugget Casino was the biggest hit on a nickel machine and set a new world record.

Baker stated, “I play nickel progressives.” They are my favorite, and they pay off today.”

Baker said he would be back behind the wheel of his taxi after he came down. “I need some time to think about what I want to do, so going about my normal life seems like the best thing to keep my feet on the ground.”

A Lincoln Town car is a great buy that will last a lifetime.

LA History is Made

Kyle Hilton DeVillier from Schiro (TX) won the most prominent slot jackpot at LA Gaming at Delta Downs Racetrack. It was worth $8,718,983.

DeVillier, 43 years old, had only played $6 on the Wheel of Fortune slot, with $7 remaining.

After realizing he was a multimillionaire, DeVillier admitted he had “weak knees.” His plans include buying a bigger home and sending his children to college.

Tahoe Shines

Cesar Marin, who won a $5 MegaJackpot from Wheel of Fortune at Lake Tahoe’s Horizon Resort Casino for $2948,093, was still stunned. Marin said, “It’s a lucky place at the Horizon.” Marin said, “I have won a few jackpots but never something like this.”

The winner, a Sacramento, CA resident, played the $5 machine for approximately 15 minutes before he received his big payday. Marin, who owns and runs a concrete business with his brother Jose, said, “I knew straight away that I had hit the big jackpot. But I’m still shocked.” Marin stated that he takes his parents on trips to Lake Tahoe frequently. The large jackpot has changed my life instantly, but I will still try to make wise investments. All this will have to settle in before I make a decision. I know I will help my family.”

Mom, thank you for the College Fund.

Kathy Losada (42), Boca Raton, FL, enjoyed her Vegas vacation, even more when she won $2.6 million at Caesars Palace in the Wheel of Fortune Mega jackpot.

According to the new millionaire, she won every time during the trip but wasn’t ready for the “big one.”

She called her two teenage children immediately to tell them to choose a car “to share,” and she did.

She also wanted to leave her job in the health care industry. “I want to stay at home as a soccer mom until my children finish school. Losada stated that the 20-year annuity would guarantee a college education.

Mark Juliano, President of Caesars Palace, stated that “there is nothing more heartwarming than a big jackpot that allows two accomplished young men to attend college” “We wish Kathleen and her loved ones all the happiness in this world.”

Lozada said she was going to Caesars Forum Shops’ exclusive boutiques and perhaps splurged on a Louis Vuitton purse.

Lucky Sevens Again

Caspar J. Guida, Brooklyn, NY, won $1,161,019 from a Millionaire777 progressive Slot machine at Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City.

He is a big fan of the slot, and Mr. Guida became the second winner of the Millionaire 777 jackpot in AC.

Lucky for him, the winner was still waiting to receive the minor jackpot he had just won at a nearby slot. He decided to play again with $100.

It paid off with a super progressive Jackpot. The retiree stated to the public that while he doesn’t have any immediate plans to spend the money, he does plan to throw a massive party for his family and friends.

He can choose to receive his winnings as a lump sum or in equal annual payments over the next 20 years.