The British heavy metal band of the 1980s might be fictional, and the documentary about their unforgettable U.S. Tour might be more like a mockumentary. This is Spinal Tap’s winning potential, which is not unreal. This Blueprint Gaming-themed slot is jam-packed with fantastic bonus features and 243 ways to win.

Blueprint Gaming’s licensed slots are known for their comprehensiveness and have never failed to impress with their well-developed concept. Blueprint Gaming is always a good bet when we hear of an upcoming licensed slot launch. We’re prepared for a major letdown. But if it’s from Blueprint Gaming, we can rest assured that it’ll hit the mark the first time. This is Spinal Tap was no exception. We enjoyed watching how everything came together.

The game includes a lot of bonus features in true Blueprint Gaming fashion. This game is not for you if you prefer classic slots. This video slot is more than just your free spins or wild features. It also has its unique bonus features. You’re in luck if you like the concept of 243 ways to win. Spinal Tap has this feature in the base game. It can be increased to 2,187 winning ways in the Rock Mode. This slot has a lot of modes to win, including multipliers, free spins, pick-to-win features, sticky wilds, and more.

One of England’s loudest games

If you need to become more familiar with this, Is Spinal Tap follows a fictional British heavy metal band as they tour the U.S. They’re having problems along the way. It is a popular comedy, especially among rock music fans. It shouldn’t be surprising that Blueprint Gaming turned it into a licensed video slot. These guys are used to turning obscure ideas into successful slot games. This is Spinal Tap, which certainly ranks among the best.

You’ll be greeted by a crowd of cheering fans, a stage, flashing lights, and rocking music, with the five-reel, three-row slot machine in the middle. Many symbols relate to the theme, including the Spinal Tap logo, the band’s four members (three originals, one drummer who is constantly changing), and the Spinal Tap logo. Other symbols include a skull with flames on its horns, the Spinal Tap logo, or a guitar pick. You’ll find a V.I.P. Guest Pass on a Lanyard to the left of the reels. This will be an exciting feature. We’ll get back to this later. The game is fast-paced, and the background music will make you want to dance.

Features that go up to 11

In this video slot, you should be on the lookout for two symbols: the scatter and the wild. The wild green guitar symbol can be helpful because it can replace any other character, except for the scatter, and help you complete winning combinations. The scatter symbol, the horned head, is also essential. Three or more bad boys will trigger the Spinal Tap bonus picker. This allows you to select one of the many rewarding bonuses hidden beneath a vinyl.

Three features stand out as our favorites. You can earn multipliers by clicking to travel around the globe in The World Tour. Stonehenge offers 11 free spins, expands the reels for 2,187 winning ways, and has wilds that stick to the reels if they appear anywhere. Double Platinum allows you to choose your favorite band member and spin the Wheel of Fortune for extra prizes.

Encore is another feature that is similar to Stonehenge. However, instead of being sticky, the wilds will build up and be added to the reels to make an ”encore” spin. Stairway to Hell also has wilds, but instead, it offers multipliers. You could win a bonus prize in the Pick-to-Win game Don’t Worry It. The Record Deal is a feature that lets you choose from a selection of vinyl, revealing a bonus or the chance to play any 2,187 ways-to-win games.

You can also get even more excitement if you choose the V.I.P. guest pass we previously mentioned. This will change the game to Rock Mode. Your initial bet will increase 50 times while you play an extended version with 2,187 winning ways. It’s a fantastic feature for high-rollers, but you can access the pay table in several bonus features without increasing your bet. It’s okay if the game seems complicated at first. It is easy to play but requires interaction and your undivided focus. This slot might not be an excellent choice to play on autoplay.

Play for the Laughter and the Wins

It’s only fair that if film producers can create a documentary on a game that doesn’t exist, you can play online with fake credit. It’s possible to play slot machine games without investing any money. You can only win real money if you play for free. It’s still worth trying a few games to get used to the features.

You can play with coin levels from 0.30 to 30 as hard as possible. You can also raise this amount by activating Rock Mode. If you are a slot rocker, now is the time to show how brave you can be.

This is a new favorite.

Blueprint Gaming’s new video slot has returned vivid memories of the classic film This Is Spinal Tap. It’s a great theme, and every detail was noticed. This makes for a unique and fun gaming experience. We could not have asked for a more interactive slot game, and we love that you can click on items to change up the spinning routine.

This Is Spinal Tap slot machine is more entertaining than the average game. This slot game is sure to be a hit with fans of the movie, rock music, or those who enjoy trying out new games.

Slot Machine Inspector Gadget

Blueprint Gaming has recently released some fantastic licensed video slots, but their Inspector Gadget slot is the best. This slot is based on the classic 1980s cartoon and features the original characters and artwork to create an engaging and action-packed online casino game. What’s there not to like?

You’ll save Inspector Gadget, the clumsy and lovable character from himself. Complete his mission for huge rewards. You’ll encounter a variety of themed bonus features along the way – free spins and stacked wilds are just a few. There are also multipliers, money bonuses, and other bonuses. The video slot resembles the cartoon where Inspector Gadget revealed gadgets hidden in his trench coat.

Inspector Gadget can be played on all gadgets, including desktops, tablets, and mobile. It will indeed become your new favorite game while you are out. The nostalgic, fun theme and many features make this game seem like a regular video game. But you can win real money. This masterpiece by Blueprint Gaming is a great way to satisfy your inner child while trying your luck for a large prize. You can read our review and learn more about this game. Then, give it a try yourself to find out if we are right.

The Inspector Gadget we all know and love

Blueprint Gaming is known for its love of licensed slots. This is one area where it excels. The team had fun when creating spaces such as the shagadelic Austin Powers or Ted, the potty-mouthed stuffed animal who came to live. The nostalgia and joy these themed slots bring makes them so popular.

Inspector Gadget is beautifully designed in the original cartoon style. It’s a great addition to Blueprint Gaming’s portfolio. During gameplay, you’ll see familiar symbols like Inspector Gadget, fizzing explosives, handcuffs, and machine cogs. The music is on-theme and will take you back to the 80s when the original cartoon ruled the airwaves.

The ’gadgets,’ or the bonus features and moderators that appear throughout the game, are the most appropriate elements to fit the theme. Inspector Gadget is known for using various gadgets to solve problems, so that this slot game will do the same.

Gadgets, Bonuses and More!

Inspector Gadget appears to be a five-reel slot machine with three rows and 20 paylines. As you play, you will soon discover how quickly things can change. You may see a ringing phone during normal gameplay. It won’t always happen, but if Inspector Gadget answers the call and appears, he will trigger one of the five Go Go Gadget modifiable features. The bonus features are not the actual bonus rounds but additional reels that give you a better chance to win.

When modifiers are active, the slot machine can expand to seven rows, increasing the number of lines from 20 to fifty. You may also see a mallet appearing on the reels to convert a non-win payline into a winning one. Sometimes, you will see Chief Quimby landing on a safe, which will explode and reveal a winning payline.

Any five Go Go Gadget modifications can be activated when Inspector Gadget appears. Mission Gadget Wilds will help you complete your paylines by adding extra wilds on the reels. The Mission Penny Stacked Wilds will stack wilds along a single spin. If triggered, the Mission Mystery Brain feature will scatter mystery brain symbols on the reels. Depending on where these symbols land, they will change into other characters than the scatter.

The Mission Colossal Symbols can be unlocked, where a colossal icon appears on multiple reels for colossal winnings. Mission M.A.D. is the final feature. The added feature allows you to activate the main bonus features. Three scatter symbols can trigger the main bonus feature.

Five different features are available, starting with the Safe Heist bonus. You can choose from other safes and win hidden prizes. The game also includes Dr Claw’s M.A.D. The Agent Bonus can provide extra tips and multiply multipliers. Dash Free Spins, M.A.D. Money Bonus, which will reveal generous coin bonuses. The bonus features are exciting and numerous. You can take your prize even further by unlocking the bonus features.

Play as you like

Inspector Gadget is almost as interactive as any video game. It has so many elements. This free online slot machine allows you to test it before depositing. Playing with online credit lets you get a sense of the bonus features and how they work.

You will only want to play free games for a short time. It’s more fun to convert your winnings into real cash. You can start betting real money as soon as you are ready. Bets range from 0.20 to 200 coins. The more you bet, the greater your chances of winning. However, starting slowly and easing yourself into the game by placing a smaller wager is a good idea.

The conclusion of the article is:

The new Inspector Gadget video slot by Blueprint Gaming is sure to please, whether or not you are familiar with the original animated series. The game stays true to the iconic theme and is filled with surprises that will appear throughout the gameplay to help you win more often. You can play the game online to see how it works or pay real money and win big. It’s a game that we recommend you try.