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Cruise lines believed casinos were just another shipboard distraction for vacationing passengers until recently. The betting limits for most table games were relatively low, which was okay considering that many people who sat at cruise ship casinos tables had deficient gaming skills.

The cruise ships allowed their clients to gamble at their casinos without restriction, regardless of any country’s gambling laws, and exempted them from taxes. Because land-based gambling laws favor floating casinos on cruise ships, this allowed people to gamble without restriction once they had crossed the three-mile limit from shore. This also allows for the extension of any country’s gambling laws.

In the past decade, cruise ship casinos have seen an enormous boom. Most mega-ships now have a lights-blinking casino in the middle of their ships. This was originally a legal and convenient gambling option for people who live far from Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It has since grown into a considerable popular perk in the cruise industry.

Although some players may be severe, the casinos can become a more social environment for cruise passengers at night with live music and cocktails. Many cruise ship casinos offer casual dress codes and a more relaxed atmosphere.

It all depends on the ship you choose. Dealers ditch their old-fashioned tuxes, stiff upper lips, and stiff upper lip in favor of flip-flops. This makes them more appealing to non-serious gamers.

An increasing number of cruise lines allow regular poker tournaments to replace the traditional slots, craps, and blackjack. Holland America and Carnival Cruises host party poker tournaments. These events can attract hundreds of travelers from all over the world and offer multimillion-dollar payouts.

Most travelers enjoy their meals at sea, and the best casino cruises travel to places that aren’t well-known for their gambling scene. It’s also a long journey to reach Las Vegas by boat. The cruise ship casino is closed when the ship docks.

The offshore casino industry faces a significant challenge in attracting new players. The recent rise in online gambling has caused havoc in the cruise ship casino industry with declining numbers and a decline in revenue. This is due to online gambling’s ease of use and the accessibility of online casinos from home.

Numerous cruise lines are now advertising to potential players interested in the cruise experience and spending a few hours per day at casinos. The multi-billion-dollar casino cruise industry will have to develop something to turn the tide.