Today I am going to tell you about one of my weirdest, coolest and the best friend I ever had. His name is Barney Stinson. Actually I met him in a cafe around five years back and I was drinking wine siting in the corner that when he came to me and said that he is going to be some education on how to live awesome life and be a cracker jack that is how to get all that you desired in life and make me understood the definition of life.

He was looking like a spying agent with all the suits and ties polish and he was also wearing diamond ring which made me think of him as a Richie rich and he gave me the expression to get the hell out of there, so we did an reached this casino along with strip club and gaming area. First we talked and played laser tag for some time, after that he made me go to the casino section, and there was some event going on and we got the coupons to play Cracker Jack online casino slot for the trial

And we played online pokies australia and win some money, obviously being a beginner I was just watching him playing and he made me introduced with the gambling industry. And I thought of him a big player so I searched him online on the Facebook but couldn’t find any by the name. I was seeing so many flavors in one night and I was pretty impressed with his game play and he was winning on the pokie slots with so much ease. Cracker Jack is three reels, single line, and 2 coin classic based on Vegas theme pokie machine game, which means there are 3 spinning reels from which we have to form our winning combinations.

Mr. Green Moonlight Slot

You can play “Mr. Green Moonlight,” a Netent-powered slot that rewards you for your efforts as a Werewolf Hunter. After witnessing his fiancee being horribly killed by a werewolf, Mr. Green roams the streets of the Moonlight, determined to avenge the death. You will be handsomely compensated for helping Mr. Green find guns that fire silver bullets and saving damsels in need. You can also pick up bonuses such as Moonlit Wilds and Blood Moon Wilds or scattered silver bullets. You don’t need to spend much money to become a Werewolf Hunter.


This tale of revenge is set in 1865. The full moon has awakened the werewolves, but it is still struggling to break the fallen clouds in Old London Town. He can be seen looking out from the rooftop with his pistol full of silver bullets. You can join him whenever you like.

Werewolf Winnings

You will first need a pistol with silver bullets. These allow you to kill any werewolves and earn up to 500 coins for finding them. You can rescue damsels needing help for as high as 700 coins. Mr. Green’s rescue is worth as much as 1,500 coins.

The full moon’s gaze is a magnet for everything in this game, and the Moonlit Wild can cover for any symbol except the Scatter symbol to give you paytable prizes. The Blood Moon Wild makes things even wilder. This wild symbol expands to offer even more rewards. Only reels 2 through 4 have both wilds. The Free Spins Bonus is initiated when you find three scattered silver bullets. Initially, you will receive ten free spins. However, during the bonus, five additional free spins may be triggered using 2 Silver Bullets and ten extra spins by 3 Silver Bullets. The prize multiplier multiplies all prizes by increasing by 1 for each free spin until it reaches a maximum value of 5x.

Silver-Lined Stakes

Although Old London Town is covered in clouds, it has a silver lining: a staking system that allows all budget-level slot players to become werewolf hunters. You can play with 20 pay lines or stake them with any combination of coin values and levels. The levels range from 1-10, and the coin values are from 0.01 to 0.5 coins. This allows for a minimum wager of 0.4% per spin and a maximum of 200 coins per spin.

A game that won’t leave you howling This game has a unique theme, exciting prizes, and many bonuses. You won’t be able to stop giggling at the moon.